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Further details on our tribute station will be added here soon. Links will be live prior to our live broadcasting starting, however we will have our auto DJ playing away 24 hours a day starting very very soon... Please check back for updates. Happy Listening!

444 FMC was the registration plate from Frank McCarthy's car which became synonymous with K.I.T.S. Radio. 

Celebrating 30 Years

To mark the 30th anniversary of K.I.T.S. Radio in Monaghan town we have created this online station to play the hits and the memories of that  wonderful year in many of our lives. K.I.T.S. 101 was the brainchild of our learer, mentor asnd drinking partner Mr. Frank McCarthy, a man who 30 years ago told us how radio would be today... How many radio stations would be automated and how the reach of every station would be worldwide... Sadly Frank is no longer with us but his memory lives on in each and every person that he met and inspired in that wonderful year of 1988 when K.I.T.S. became a reality and many of us DJs shared our passion for music with thousands of people across the country.

Tommy Higgings created this video about the Irish Pirates.... Many stations are included in the Video. Tommy was one of those engineers in the 'Pirate' era that kept the stations on air by climbing the masts in all sorts of weather to ensure the signal was strong and clear and that the system was optimised to it max.Based in Cavan its easy to see how he was involved in so many stations over the years.


The voice of the Top of the Hour jingle and many of our adverts belonged to Paul Buckle. Paul's love for radio was hard for him to hide, considering that he would drive from Carryduff outside Belfast to be on the station as often as possible. Arriving Eearly and leaving late was the usual habit for the future voice of the BBC in Northern Ireland... 


Frank McCarthy (foreground) and James Finnegan pictured in 1983 in Frank's neat VHF station based at Ballycrummy in the outskirts of Armagh City. They had bounced a signal off the moon's surface from Ireland and landed it in the USA. Therefore the station had proven Earth-Moon-Earth capability (Armagh to Maine) for a claimed 'first' in Ireland/USA 2m QSO via the moon on February 28th 1983.

K.I.T.S. 101

Kinetic Intelectually Transmitted Stimulation or Kick In The Stones? It was all the same to us...
We just played great music from Market Square in Monaghan Town. Tomorrow's Sound Today...

Market Square 
Monaghan Town

Email: studio@kits101.ie
Paul Buckle     Brian James